Bullseye Windows

Using our jointless lamination system we offer standard sized round/bullseye windows manufactured from Gaboon. Our Bullseye windows are available in two variants. A direct glazed option and an opening pivot sash using secret hinges.

Pivot / Opening Bullseyes

  • 595mm external diameter
  • 915mm external diameter

Direct Glazed Bullseyes

  • 511mm external diameter
  • 595mm external diameter
  • 831mm external diameter
  • 915mm external diameter

Circular & Shaped Glazing Beads

We have a range of standard circular and semi circular glazing beads in a variety of materials to suit customer requirements. In addition we can also produce shaped glazing beads to suit bespoke projects.

Our semi circular glazing beads can be accommodated in a variety of diameters ranging from 200mm to 1200mm.

Standard sizes

  • 300mm Diameter rebate size
  • 350mm Diameter rebate size
  • 381mm Diameter rebate size
  • 400mm Diameter rebate size
  • 450mm Diameter rebate size
  • 457mm Diameter rebate size
  • 500mm Diameter rebate size


Our circular and semi circular glazing beads are to suit 44mm and 54mm doors.

Section size of the beads

  • To suit a 44mm door are 25x20mm
  • To suit a 54mm door are 30x24mm

Shaped Glazing Beads

In addition to circular beads we offer shaped beading to many designs.

For information & pricing on these Please contact us.